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Beta 2017

For Beta Nightclub. New campaign for May and June 2017.
Renders by Shawn Astrom. Via The Firm Graphics.

June 7th, 2017|

Black Sun

For Recon DNB | Black Sun Empire

June 7th, 2017|


For Insomniac | Dreamstate | Paul Oakenfold
Via The Firm Graphics

June 7th, 2017|

Om Unit show

For Recon DNB | Om Unit

June 7th, 2017|


For Onset Audio | Goreteks
Inspired by Twin Peaks

June 7th, 2017|

Chasing Summer 2017

For Union Events | Chasing Summer | Via The Firm Graphics

June 7th, 2017|

Beta April 2017

For Beta Nightclub April 2017 | Via The Firm Graphics

June 7th, 2017|

Ancient Realms

For Onset Audio | Ghoulcut

June 7th, 2017|

Alien Day 2017

For Alien Day 2017. Built entirely out of stock photos. 

June 7th, 2017|

Beyond Known Space

For Onset Audio | Owl

March 21st, 2017|

Jaeger Clap

For Lifted Music | Aeph

March 21st, 2017|

Four Letter Future

For Bassrush Recordings | Conrank | Via The Firm Graphics

March 21st, 2017|