Brought up on 80s movies, comics, and drum & bass, Seth Broman has moved from sketch books to stencils to the digital medium becoming one of the most sought after graphic designers on the global bass music scene. If you’ ve lived and played in Seattle or Denver anytime in the past decade, you’ve seen the artwork of Grym gracing countless LPs, digital releases, festival flyers, show posters and featured in multiple galleries. Instantly recognizable yet constantly evolving, a weekend doesn’ t pass without the morbid appeal of Grym’ s work drawing music fans into the city’ s dark corners. Drawing on varied themes, Grym composes bold, eye-catching statements on the human condition using macabre imagery, sensuality and humor; creating a dark narrative on the modern urban experience. Currently he resides in Denver, working for the infamous Firm Graphics, the industry leader in electronic music branding.